Monday, 14 January 2013

Day 14 | Thankful

Life has a funny way to make you appreciate little things just when you start to take things for granted! Perfectly happy and healthy and bouncy Lil Dumpling gave us a big scare when we received a call from his daycare in mid morning. For a little guy full of beans, he got the very first cunvulsion while playing in the snow... A ride in yellow ambulence is nothing new to us; he had his first when he was in my womb n later when he was barely 8 months old! We thought the worst was over, but being in charge of another life comes with great responsibility, worries and heart break :( Thank god everything is fine...atleast for now!

My two boys are napping now, two bodies n one soul, on a narrow hospital bed. One look at the father n son figures, so much alike and so much in love with one another, is enough to make me grateful for everything I have in my life!!! Hopefully we will be back in our home when the sun sets behind the snow capped mountains...

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